Blue cotton candy.

Cotton Candy( also known as candyfloss in Canada, The UK, and Ireland) is a confection that is mostly known to be served at carnavals and fairs. The components of cotton candy are mostly air, so the size of this wonderful treat is usally large. Cotton candy's natural colour is actually white, but food colouring is used to to give it that trademark pink. Although cotton candy can also come in other colours such as blue. Cotton candy was first introduced in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton under the name of "Fairy Floss". The treat became highly popular selling 68,655 boxs at the fair it was presented at.

Production Edit

There are special machines that are used to make cotton candy. The machine consists of a spinning bowl into which granulated sugar and food colouring is poured. Heaters placed near the rim of the bowl begin to melt the sugar and push it out through tiny holes. Then the molten sugar solidfies due to contact with air and requires another bowl to be put over it. After a few minutes, the candy can then be placed on a stick or cone in a swirling motion.


The United States celebrates National Cotton Candy Day on December 7.

The reason why cotton candy melts in your mouth is becuase it is amorphus

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